Assignment Writing How to Write a PhD. Assignment?

How to Write a PhD. Assignment? –

How to Write a Ph.D. Assignment?

What is a Ph.D. assignment? A Ph.D. assignment is any essay that was written on a particular question or research topic. It can also be a review of already existing papers that have been published. The main thing that sets apart Ph.D. assignments from other assignments is that there is always a long list of references or evidence supporting the assignment that has to be included.

The basic outline of the assignment is

  1. Content page – This shows the table of contents
  2. Introduction – This introduces the central idea of the assignment and asks basic questions that will be answered in the main body of the assignment.
  3. Research Strategy – This part explains in great detail what the research strategy was and why it was used. It would also be a good idea to discuss in brief if there were any other strategies that were sacrificed in favor of this one and why.
  4. Literature review – This is by far the most important aspect of an assignment. Literature review not only displays how well you prepared for the assignment it also lends a certain amount of credibility to the text.
  5. Discussion – Here is where you will discuss your idea based on your research and literature review and provide a tentative solution to the centrally posed question.
  6. Conclusion – Show how you systematically arrived at the solution to your problem or question.
  7. References – Include all the papers and articles you referred to here.

Few Tips to Keep in Mind:

Always develop an initial outline and get it approved by your professors. Get started as soon as possible. One of the most common mistakes made by anyone is that they wait too long to get started. Another grave error is that they have no clear structure or goal in mind before doing the research or writing. Lack of ample research is also a culprit because if an idea is ill-formed, all of the efforts will be wasted and credibility will move away from the assignment.

Also, play close attention to the flow of the assignment. It must move from one logical point to the next logical point. It must be well-arranged. Any disruptions in the flow and the assignment will lose points.

Check for plagiarism even if you drafted the assignment yourself. Give special attention towards the proofreading and editing. Sloppy grammar will only take away from the credibility of your assignment.

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