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At, we appreciate the fact that the journey to a sustainable career-life starts with success in academics. In UAE education system, success is culminated by dissertation writing which is directed by the research proposal writing. It is hence a fact that in the Assignment Writing help in Dubai, UAE, research proposal writing is the critical and central process for all these processes. In our Online Assignment, Essay, Dissertation writer in Dubai, UAE and Buy assignment online in UAE segments, we offer the best research proposal for our customer’s satisfaction.

Ever heard the phrase that bluntly supposes, one’s dissertation is only as good as his or her initial proposal? Ostensibly, newbies might not appreciate that fact but regardless of whether you manage to get your ill-conceived research proposal approved by the involved thesis supervisory committee, consider the whole project doomed! In fact, writing a good proposal does not only evoke the impression of good work to come but also creates a good impression to one’s committee as it conveys how substantial one’s research will be thus increasing chances of having fewer problems with those supervising the whole of your writing process. Right from the commencement of the writing, your proposal ought to convince your intended audience that a worthwhile project is underway and that you have the outline and competence that your suppositions regarding the study are conveyed in the best way possible.  Most importantly,  no matter your chosen topic in whatever major you are undertaking, a proposal ought to put forth what you intend to address, the importance of your research, and most importantly, how you intended on accomplishing the supposed aims and objectives.

What most University Assignment Writers in UAE suppose as the best approach to handling proposals

For the fact that proposal writing proves a bit complicated, most students have been highly dependent on professional writing services in UAE, which from my cognitive perspective is a sound idea because why fail not because you do not understand the concept but rather, because of failing to understand how to convey your ideas? For that reason, companies such that offer some of the best dissertation writing services in UAE have tailored their services to ensure that not only do they help students craft their proposals but also guides them through their respective final dissertations hence fostering successive excels among millions of UAE’s undergraduates!

Anyway, back to research proposal writing for those interested in trying out the process on their own as supposed by most reputable online assignment, essay, and dissertations writers in Dubai, UAE that has seen millions of students graduating with the highest possible grades.

N/B: What this article presents is particularly tailored to address the question of “how” to write a proposal and not how to develop one’s research ideas.

  • Title: A predisposed favor from your supervisor right from the beginning of your proposal writing can be attained by your choice of the topic you intend on tackling. Notably, ensure precision, conciseness and above all, a descriptive aspect also ought to come in, but that does not entail including phrases such as, “An analysis of…,” among others! Make it catchy to the extent that the reader feels pricked and excited to read more of what you seek to tackle.
  • Abstract: Say this section should be approximately a paragraph to one page on the higher end. It should highlight on your research question, study’s rationale, methods used for the study and perhaps convey one’s hypothesis if any. Moreover, instruments to be used in the study also ought to be highlighted in this section. In precision, I consider this a type of synopsis of the project
  • Introduction: Just like in other typical research papers, professional writing services in UAE supposes that the introduction provides a basis of one’s judgment about the whole project. You might not believe it but experienced professors just by looking at how your introduction can determine whether your project is worthwhile their time!


Notably, introductions are meant to give a background of your research problem. However, a challenge accrues for most students when it comes to developing a research problem to be countered, and that is what from my perspective necessitates seeking professional dissertation writing services because such writing companies in say UAE have individuals specifically trained in handling such tasks. Therefore, if such challenges affect you, let professionals offering best dissertation and proposal writing services in Dubai, UAE ward off your worries.

Anyway, back to the introduction part, supposing you develop your research problem based on a rambled literature review, it becomes trivial and generally uninteresting to the readers hence tainting the whole project. Apparently, just as we have no prescription to developing an exciting or catchy introduction, the same applies to developing a concise and interesting research question. Therefore, from my point of view, it depends on one’s ability to synthesize the availed information and topic under review and come up with a substantial research problem. Notably, your introduction should cover the following:

  1. Clearly bring forth your purpose of study or rather, the reach problem that the study seeks to address.
  2. Provide background information regarding your research problem in a manner that highlights its importance to your intended audience
  3. Study’s rationale also ought to be captured as it fosters the comprehension of your project’s importance
  4. Identify and describe the research issues that your primary research will be trying to solve or rather, address
  5. Primary dependent and independent variables of your experiments needs to be highlighted
  6. Supposing you have any working hypotheses, you can shed light on them but not that such might not be necessary for phenomenological research papers.
  7. Limitations of your study also should be highlighted at this juncture.
  8. Although optional, you might also provide a description of some of your key concepts and terminologies incorporated in the paper.


  • Literature review: Regardless of the fact that some dissertation writing companies in UAE supposes that one can combine the literature review part in the introduction, I advocate that one should have this as a separate section for clarity and organization of the paper. By providing a viable literature review, it:
  1. Conveys your comprehension of the chosen research problem
  2. Shows that you appreciate and acknowledge those that developed the groundwork for your proposed
  3. Conveys your understanding of the theoretical part of your research problem
  4. Helps in convincing your intended audience the importance of your study to them.


  • Methodology: Notably, this section is about informing your audience about how you intend on ensuring the research problem is best addressed. Moreover, your work plan is also conveyed from which your supervisors can determine its viability.

Most importantly, your methodology section should be as detailed as possible because, with that, the soundness of it all will be determinable. In fact, dissertation and professional writing professionals in UAE suppose that from your methodology, other qualified researchers should be able to implement your study!

-Despite most research problems being best answered by utilizing qualitative methods, several mainstream psychologists prefer quantitative to qualitative research. For that case, data analysis concepts among others come into play during your main research hence necessitating the need to seek professional help for efficiency for those that are not yet acquainted with such skills. Luckily, such data analysis help in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE exist in plenty!

-In precision, for quantitative studies, your methodology section needs to have the following:

  • Design- Do you intend on using questionnaires or experiments in the laboratory instead?
  • Participants: Who will be part of your intended study? Moreover, the sampling procedure that you intend on utilizing also ought needs to be understood.
  • Procedure: How will your study be conducted? For how long will your study last? Moreover, what are the activities intended to gather data in the quest of helping to answer the research problem?
  • Instruments: What are your chosen tools and why them? Are they viable?


  • Results: It is apparent that you will not do not have results in your proposal but again, you at least understand the type of data that will be entailed in your central Moreover, the statistical procedure that you intend to utilize in answering the supposed research questions are also known to you so go ahead and shed light on them.


  • Discussion: Note that it is crucial for you to convince your intended audience the impact of the research you plan to carry out. Most importantly, convey your confidence and enthusiasm regarding your research without making it look as though an exaggeration of the whole thing. To enable this, it necessitates your highlight on possible limits and weakness of the research to come because your project should not claim utmost precision and merits.

Not to say that the above are the set steps towards writing the best research proposal, but it encompasses basics that just need to at least appear in your paper. Although different majors might want it done in a variety of ways, the logic and concept of writing a research proposal remain the same. Therefore, it would be my advice that you first understand the basics before concentrating on the various varying supposition of existing different styles of handling a research proposal. Note that by understanding the preliminaries, it puts you in a good position to now maneuver around different writing styles. In precision, for those trying this for the first time, the process is not as complicated as it may seem, but again it is not easier either! It all depends on your attitude and determination when writing and like I said; your primary research is just as good as your research proposal.

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