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Let us define quantitative analysis.  Quantitative Analysis means the systematic or methodical approach to examinations during which statistical or mathematical data is collected, then the researcher covert or transfigure what is gathered and observed into mathematical data. This data often describe a certain event or situation and answering all the queries of “how many” and “what” of something related to the data or information. In a simple way of saying, this research data consist of counting and measuring attributes – the quantities.


Quantitative Analysis Help in Dubai, UAE approach for analyzing data is focusing with the finding of evidence to either oppose or support an idea or hypothesis you have collected.  They make use of qualitative methods to give emphasis on the objective measurements and numerical, mathematical or statistical analysis of the data gathered through questionnaires, surveys, polls or by pre-existing numerical data using figurative or arithmetical methods or strategies to explain a specific occurrence. Furthermore, they focus on concurrent reasoning rather than conflicting reasoning or interpretation.

Given below are the five major issues in quantitative data analysis.

  1. The Hypothesis
  2. Its Causality
  3. The Ecological Validity or Generalisability
  4. The Comprehensiveness
  5. Its Reliability

The main goal of both Quantitative Analysis Help in Dubai, UAE and Quantitative Analysis Services in Dubai, UAE in conducting research investigation and quantitative research study is to find out the connection or correlation between an independent variable and another outcome variable with the given occupants or population.  And descriptive or experimental quantitative research designs are being used by the researchers.

There are a number of online surveys you can choose from.  But two common online surveys services are being used mostly – The Survey Monkey (http://www.surveymonkey.com), and BOS – Bristol Online Surveys (http://www.surevey.bris.ac.uk).  And one of the popular software being used in data management and statistical analysis is Statistical Package for Social Science or commonly called SPSS. This software (SPSS) helps to understand, prepare and organize your data, also perform a statistical or numerical analysis which comprises descriptive statistics, correlation, regression, t-tests, and other advanced methods or process.  SPSS helps in preparation for reporting and data presentation.

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