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Project writing is one of the critical academic lesson that most students undergo while doing any graduate, undergraduate, or postgraduate course. It can be in the form of dissertation, assignment, or report writing. Students or naïve researchers often find themselves lost with the amount of research work that it requires. Moreover they are not sure of the academic writing styles and standards. In this article we will share with you some useful tips of project writing.

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One of the crucial aspect of writing a comprehensive project is doing the literature review. Students often face challenges in understanding the sources to search and fail to judge its authenticity. So in order to overcome that you first need to identify some top quality journals related to your research topic. For example if you are doing a study in the field of human resources then journal of human resources, international journal of human resources, journal of organizational behavior, and journal of business research can be good sources to search. You can also look for good databases like Wiley, SrcienceDirect, or Google Scholar to search for literature. What you need to focus on is the keyword search technique. First you need to identify the key concepts and themes of your research and then use those keywords to gather relevant articles.

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Once you are done with gathering the articles the next step is to extract the relevant information and put it in a way that describes the research phenomenon in hand while also identify the gaps existing in the studies. Researchers mostly find challenges with producing critique of the existing search. In order to produce a critique you need to adopt a fault-finding approach and identify the gaps existing in those studies. It may be on the grounds of methodological choice or conceptual approach. The primary purpose is to offer the reader with an honest appraisal and evaluation of the existing studies.

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The above point might seem to be daunting task for the beginners. In order to produce a thorough critical and systematic review of the extant studies you can take assistance from which is among the best known Project writing help in Dubai. Our expert writers can provide you with exceptional consultation and help that can ensure you achievement of good grades.

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Another challenging aspects of project writing is determining the appropriate methodological choice. Our Project writing help in UAE also considers such needs of the student. We study the research aim and objectives and guide the students towards selection of the right method of approaching the study. A topic can be studied in both quantitative and qualitative approach. You as a researcher need to understand your comfort level with the available methodology and draft your research aim and objectives. At this point what is crucial is to understand whether you are trying to establish a causal relationship between aspects of your study or aiming to gain an in depth insight into the research subject. The former aim is well-aligned with a quantitative enquiry while the latter is connected to a qualitative study. Such understanding is critical before tou start with your project writing. Selection of methodology guides your analysis and shapes findings and research outcome and this is why special attention is required at this stage.

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Finally, once the project is done you need to make sure of the minute details like referencing standards, formatting, and overall presentation. As a premium center of Project writing in Dubai we provide assistance with all these to students and researchers. With our help you can be assured of 100% quality and originality and excellence in academics.

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