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Although obvious, you might not comprehend the importance of this section in your research writing until when you present your project to your say, dissertation supervisory committee. In precision, what is literature review from your understanding? According to you, does it only mean presenting other people’s ideas and a mere analysis of the read content? For your information, most assignment writing websites in Dubai and particularly that those that offer best dissertation writing services such as note that, when one presents a powerful or rather, an appropriate literature review, it conveys his or her mastery of the theoretical part of the research problem in question. Moreover, one of the important aspects that you need to consider when writing the introduction is the fact that, you just do not summarize the read content from whichever sources of information that you utilize, but rather, you need to convey your review from a critical perspective. That is to say that, you need to evaluate, synthesize whilst linking ideas to suit your purpose and rationale regarding the whole project.

What does Companies Offering Best Dissertation Writing Services in UAE suppose Regarding Literature Review Writing?

  • Different authors’ works ought to be compared and contrasted as opposed to presenting more
  • Authors that seem to be drawing similar conclusions ought to be grouped together
  • Regarding the methodologies in different used sources, you ought to criticize them while ensuring you provide valid and factual reasons to your suppositions
  • Your literature review needs to convey the relation of your research with previous studies
  • Your literature review also can go further to highlight on some of the studies you deem exemplary when related to your research.

What are Literature Review’s Purposes in Research Writing?

  • It places your whole research paper in a historical perspective
  • It primarily defines and set boundaries for the research problem you are handling
  • Provides an evaluation of various promising research methodologies obtained from other sources

In precision, a literature review is viable and appropriate when its ability to criticize different read sources whilst identifying the existing controversies is evident. Moreover, your literature review should raise questions besides identifying areas that you suppose need further research.

What is the Structure of a Literature Review?

For those offering professional dissertation writing services in UAE, you will agree with the fact that, one’s structure regarding his or her literature review is dependent on the area of research or rather, the thesis statement of the project. That is to say, you need to first, in an organized manner, group the source materials from different authors and convey a good comparison of the arguments presented by all the writers and then, go forth to providing each author’s supposition. Most importantly, the choice of words matters especially when giving ideas from authors that agree on something. For instance, make use of joining words such as: in addition, similarly, also, and again among other to join ideas from different authors that agree on something. Notably, for those controverting thoughts make use of words such as however, conversely, on the contrary, and nevertheless among others. However, note that at the end, remember to put forth a summary of the whole review, which apparently should be relating to your already conveyed hypothesis or rather, thesis statement.

Writing the Literature Review

First, you need to understand what you need to read, but fortunately enough, most supervisors offer insights regarding appropriate source materials depending on your chosen topic. In particular, by identifying or rather, defining what you intend to discover in the quest f answering your research problem; you can be able to determine what would be the appropriate reading materials for you. Moreover, appropriate source materials will also be important in your thesis development especially for those with difficulties in coming up with concise stands of the whole paper. Moreover, you need to stick to explanatory notes and comments during your reading process to help you master crucial points that you have to incorporate in your paper.

A checklist to your Literature Review

  • For the introduction part of the literature review, make it appropriate and concise. It should constitute if the review’s outline and what main topics are to be covered.
  • You should efficiently link your arguments and supposition to the evidence that you would have obtained from reading other resource materials. However, remember to include a summary in the end.
  • Ensure you acknowledge other author’s point of perspective regarding the same topic as it is evident that not all your supposition need to concur with theirs.
  • Ensure your paper is written informal academic language, which means avoiding colloquialisms, poor word choice and worst of all, personal
  • Avoid emotive language
  • When introducing other authors’ ideas, utilize phrases such as, according to to…, Mark supposes .. From Mark’s perspective…, the author argues that…, He claims that…,
  • Worst of all is plagiarism! Make sure you correctly reference your resource materials as you discuss your ideas in the best way possible.
  • The study’s purpose should be adhered to the later to avoid deviations and irrelevance.

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