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From a cognitive in-depth perspective, what does Sociological Assignments Entail and Need for Successive Completion?

Apparently, most of the sociological assignments are empirical in nature because they are tailored in a manner that ought to answer specific research questions such as, “Between Men and Women, Who Are Prone to Domestic Violence?” In this case, what you suppose as the answer is what regard as an assertion. Therefore, your assertion ought to be convincing by providing valid arguments that are supported by say, viable source materials, which include journals, scholar articles, online Library databases et cetera. Most importantly, your assertion should take a side to defend in that; your explanation is precise and direct as to whether it is for or against the chosen topic.

How do you make Your Assertion Convincing? 

Have you ever noticed that everyone at least has an idea that the difference accrues during a presentation or rather, how one conveys his or her argument? The same thing applies when making a sociological assertion regarding the topic under review. Therefore, to convince your readers, the manner in which you present your arguments matter hence necessitating the comprehension of the logical flow that this article deems efficient in such situation. Your Essay needs to be broken down into the introductory part, Background review, Body, and Conclusion. To expound further on this supposition below is a detailed explanation!

  • Introduction: Here is where you have the chance to captivate and draw your professor’s attention and interest! To do that, present your topic that you wish to write about and in precision, make your reader realize the importance or rather, what makes the whole topic interesting? For instance, is this issue contentious and that it needs clarity in the society to help those facing its challenges? Is the topic providing information to the community regarding an issue they have for long had a wrong jaundiced perspective? Of course, your research question has many reasons for it to be regarded necessary for discussion so make sure that is brought forth at the first glimpse! Notably, the introductory part also ought to convey a highlight of your gists to be discussed in the paper because by doing so, it prepares your reader of what to expect.Your assertion also has to be evident stating whether you are for or against the issue that you intend to discuss. In precision, present it in a miniature form whilst ensuring you at least remember including the concepts above because you do not want to piss off the readers’ right from your commencement with long paragraphs.
  • Background: Although some professional writing services in UAE suppose that this should be part of the introduction, I recommend that you, of course, do not have to make it look like it is separate from the introduction. However, do not also make the mistake of assuming its importance thus it was my idea to address it as an independent constituent of handling a sociological paper. The background description is meant to provide the readers with aspects such as theories, concepts, empirical findings and several other accounts regarding the topic under review. Evidently, this is to make them informed in details of what you either want to defend of oppose. In precision, they will understand where you are coming from and headed to by looking at your background review about the issue. By providing a detailed and well-organized background information, it conveys your mastery of the subject that you are yet to address hence creating the impression that you are well informed of what you are talking about in general. For instance, say you have two contradicting theories regarding a topic that you wish to expound on, how do you proceed? First, present what both theories suppose without making an evaluation of any. After wards, critically analyze both ideas relating them to the topic while ensuring you do not convey your preference to any of them just yet! Finally, you now settle for what you suppose viable to you with valid arguments that are supported by other sources of information say journals et cetera alongside evidence such as personal experiences among others. Let one concur with your assertion just by the evidence that you would have provided.
  • Body: Apparently, this is where you provide valid and concrete evidence to support your claim. To make that possible, you primarily have to consider your sources of information because most of the sociological assignments are about what information do you have to defend yourself? The information that you provide and evidence ought to corroborate your assertion in the best way possible. Notably, this is where you need to desist from providing vague explanations because readers are interested in deducing what you have to say about what you are standing for or against in your paper. Moreover, your paragraphs have to be presented in the standard manner which according to some of the best academic write websites in Dubai is as follows:


  • Start of each paragraph with a topic sentence: By doing so, it prepares the reader about what is to come in particular paragraphs. Moreover, this help in eliminating instances of repetition of ideas and fostering organization.
  • Present your Argument in support of your topic sentence: At this juncture, you need to present your arguments that support your topic sentence by utilizing your source materials. Most importantly, remember citing all the borrowed information and quotes. That is important because you do not want to a victim of plagiarism penalties!
  • Close your paragraph with a précised summarizing sentence: Evidently, this is meant to sum your argument and convey one valid stand for that given paragraph.
  • Conclusion: Now is that time you need to summarize all your ideas and arguments into one solid supposition that determines the stand of the paper in general. The following is the recommended outline for drafting a good concluding paragraph.


  • Restate your thesis statement or rather, assertion: Notably, this is not to be done word for word but rather, rephrase the whole thing.
  • Capture all your main points conveyed in the body paragraph: Some professors only read the introduction and the conclusion, and therefore, if you miss capturing your main points that you have talked about in the body paragraph, you might stand to lose marks!
  • Summarize your assertion with a solid statement: In precision, you just need to draft a powerful closing statement!

Please note that this article does not claim utmost precision regarding how you need to proceed with your sociological assignments but bear in mind the fact that, it constitutes of primary ingredients that just have to be at least incorporated into your paper! Good luck and I hope this helps you attain the highest grades possible!

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