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Are Edexcel exams any exceptions compared to other exams bodies?

A couple of years ago, a furious bunch of students took on social media platforms complaining about how Edexcel exams are hard. But the question that lingered amongst the minds of many was, did pearsons exam body deserve the lashing it got from this agitated students.Edexcel also referred to as pearsons London examination is a multinational exams body that cuts across a group of countries in the UK. Moreover, edexcel came into being after the words education and excellence was fused together to make some significant meaning when initiating this project. Edexcel assignment is a vital tool in gauging and assessing the overall performance of a student over time.  Additionally, UAE Assignment writing websites argue that it is important for the students to understand that this is crucial aspect when evaluating overall performance and it is of equal importance that the student heeds its validity, reliability together with an array of learning opportunities it offers. Moreover, take a look at most UAE  assignment writing companies, they do advocate that it is the responsibility of both the parties involved in delivery and assessment of this task to ensure the quality of the job conforms to the Edexcel regulations. For instance, the use of homework checking services to ensure the work follows the relevant evidence and required criteria before submission since this is not solely the responsibility of the exam body tutors are mandated with this task too.

As much as the student may rely on a Professional company to do an assignment in UAE, the authen city of the work submitted must be entirely and unquestionably the student’s effort in all circumstances.Suitable measures were put in place though by tutors to ensure the legitimacy of the work is on point.Also, what students must understand is the fact” that through writing assignments their knowledge on various phenomena’s on life gets broadened” as one Online Assignment writing company in UAE argues.Through this process, different skills get inculcated in the mind of the students like analysis and evaluation since the ability to write a proper assignment is a process that happens automatically after a series of rigorous practice

The criteria to handling a good Edexcel assignment may be broken down in the below string.But the core factors to emphasize on is, ensuring your job convinces the lecturer with its high point being the validity among others.To make this process less ambiguous here is a breakdown on the guidelines that assignment writing companies in Dubai, UAE advocate for

  • Planning

Devising a plan is an important aspect of handling these tasks. More over, this phase needs a lot of devotion in time, and attention. Before starting off, a student has to think critically about what the assignment requires of them.The structure of most of these assignments includes the aim and the core issue. Also, the ability of a student to understand the meaning based on each question goes a long way in dictating the quality of the answers

Additionally, in this phase, it is of importance to go through the instructions carefully. Skimming through the instructions may create a scenario where the student may assume some of the important nitty gritty details, so it is advisable that a student does not overlook some parts of the instructions

Another key feature is to determine whether the topic bears relation with what the lecturer taught in class. Most tutors advise that before opting in for UAE assignment writing help services, it is advisable to exhaust all the primary options that include class sessions because priority is based on this sources when formulating the tasks.

  • Outline or framework

It is of great importance to have a defined theme in the sense that, a student should not digress from the main topic.Also, there needs to be a balance within each section.Although, different parts get dealt with separately it is equally important to bear in mind that there should be no deviations whatsoever from the topic. The style of the presentation can be either chronologically or thematically depending on the instructions of the tutor.Preferably the student’s argument needs to be chronological in the sense that it creates a logical sequence where one leads to another.

  • Headings

The titles need to be short and precise as possible summing up the whole assignment using few characters. Moreover, this gives the lecturer a clear indication of what to expect in the job. Keeping the headings short also provides an impression of an organized job that is easy to go through.

  • Information sources

The type of assignment dictates data source, e.g., when undertaking a theoretical assignments lecturers and tutors will advise students to shun from using newspapers as sources of information. In fact, this gets explained by the fact that information in the papers is opinions by individuals that do not cut across the board.The following example acts as a guide for students to know the go-to source in different scenarios

  • For definitions and descriptions, dictionaries will be the best to go to source
  • In case of introductions frameworks and surveys, encyclopedias do come in handy
  • For a complete information dig up but still sourcing for information a book will is recommended
  • Recent news reports the internet extracts from the newspapers are a reliable source

Also, the quality of the sources needs to be adhered to because this is what dictates the validity of your argument. Though in a case of Edexcel assignments most tutors will recommend for the use of more primary sources as compared to secondary source primarily because primary sources give a hands-on explanation of the lecturer covered in class. Research Paper writing in UAE goes further in echoing this sentiment by clearly outlining that primary sources provide the original information about the topic, unlike secondary sources that base an argument on presentations made elsewhere.Moreover, it is important to go through your source to analyze whether it bears logic value to the question in the study.

In summary, it is important for students to shun the negative perception that Edexcel exams are hard. Additionally,theme thodology behind this exams is putting was taught in class into actual practice and by following due procedure and laying emphasis on the above pointers Edexcel exams are like any normal examination bodies out there.

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