Qualitative & Quantitative Study

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But before we explain why you should choose Assignmentwriting.ae as your most preferred solution provider, let us delve first on the definition of both Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods and its main differences. Research methods are usually split into quantitative and qualitative methods or combination. The approach you will choose depends on the research questions you have, along with the fundamental philosophy of research.

Quantitative Research is a research approach used to explain phenomena by gathering numerical data using statistical and mathematical methodologies. Although phenomena are not apparently numerical in nature, it can be analyzed by converting opinions into numbers. For example, you can conduct surveys using Likert scales by expressing people’s agreement with particular statements and responses on 5 or 7-point scale where 1 can be “Strongly Disagree”, 2 can be “Disagree”, 3 can be “Neutral”, 4 can be “Agree” and lastly, 5 can be “Strongly Agree” while the 7-point scale can include “Slightly Agree or Slightly Disagree”.


What is Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research is a method used to answer questions about how and why people behave in different ways. It usually involves language or words, photographs and observations in order to generate in-depth information about human behaviour. Qualitative method is mainly preferred by many people in the United Kingdom and Europe as they are convinced that any phenomenon can be assessed in a qualitative approach. There are several techniques that one can use in order to collect data such as interviews, focus groups, postcards, secondary data and observations which provides big picture of a research and particularly beneficial to discover why and how things have occurred.

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Get your Quantitative and Qualitative Research with us

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